Netent vs Playtech

  • Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021

Online gambling has continued to gain massive popularity and more players are beginning to prefer playing online. In addition to that, the popularity has brought about a host of casino game providers. To learn more about playing online you can simply check out

Overview of the Industry

Online gambling was introduced in the 20th century, however, at first, there were only a handful of casino developers in the business. Also, at the time, it was a bit difficult for players to bet online since technology hasn't advanced as much. Check out for more.

After a few years, as web technologies started becoming better, players began to join online casinos and playing online became huge. The popularity of online gambling enticed many casino game developers to join the community. Since then, the list has continued to increase and competition is now fiercer.

Overview of Playtech

Playtech is among the pre-2000s casino game development companies as it was founded in 1999. The company is among the oldest in the industry and over the years, they have built a wide range of casino software and games for players to enjoy better gaming.

The company offers all the software casinos need to run a complete online gambling platform. These include online sports betting engine, online Arcade fixed odds, casino games, mobile gaming and the like. Note that, any Playtech casino cannot feature games from other casino game developers.

Overview of Netent

Netent, on the other hand, is more of a casino game developer. This is because the company is focused on developing different kinds of online casino games and building a huge portfolio. The brand ensures that players get to enjoy a series of top-notch casino games.

In addition to the variety of casino games you stand to enjoy, you will also get the chance to activate a series of rewarding features. Also, most games from Netent are a lot of players' favourite based on recent reviews received from online gamblers.


Who is better?

There is no clear winner in this comparison although Netent can be considered to be slightly better based on the fact that they offer more flexibility and a larger game collection. Also, with the fact that Netent games are exciting, a large number of players prefer Netent games.

Nonetheless, a wide range of online casinos employs the use of the Playtech software to serve their members. This is because the software is fully loaded with everything a casino needs to operate as a complete online gambling platform, which means there is no need for other casino game providers.

The Final Note

Although Playtech is offering a one-stop-shop software, many online casinos still prefer to have the chance to give their members a variety especially when it comes to online casino games. This is exactly what Netent offers and why it is considered better than Playtech.

All in all, both companies have ensured that their systems are easy to use and integrate by the casinos. In addition to that, both brands make sure that players get to enjoy an impressive gaming experience any time they choose to play their games.