How to Contact Netent for Business

  • Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021

With more than 20 years in business, Netent controls 16% of the gaming market around the world. The game developer offers great opportunities for investors in the gaming industry. shows the company partners with casino owners to provide exciting gambling experiences to gamers.

Understanding Netent's Business Model

Before approaching Netent for business, it is important to understand their operating model such as the preference for offering bonuses as seen in . This allows you to make informed choices. The following are options on how you can partner with Netent for business.

  1. Investing in Netent
  2. Entertain casino players with Netent solutions
  3. Market Netent's products through affiliates

If you are interested in finding out whether it is viable to invest in this company, it is advisable to study its financial performance. The financial reports of Netent are readily available on its website. Casino owners can also sample available gaming solutions they may be interested in.

Channels of Communication

Netent has specific email addresses that allow clients to communicate with different business units. For example, [email protected] is designated for investment communication while [email protected] and [email protected] are dedicated to affiliates and general information about the company respectively. Choose the appropriate email address for your communication.

You can also opt to call Netent on +46 8 578 54 500. This is the contact number that the company uses to receive public communication. Once you call goes through, you will be directed to the department you are interested to work with.

Exploiting the Power of Social Media

Like any other company operating today, this gaming software developer is not oblivious of the power of social media. You can find it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. These channels allow them to market their products and solutions to their prospective clients.

You can take advantage of this and request for additional information or explanation about a the featured products on these platforms. This can be achieved through comments or direct messages. Using social medial gives you an easy way to know what the company is doing at any time.


Taking Advantage of LinkedIn

While other social media platforms allow you to keep in touch with what the company is doing, LinkedIn connects you with specific individuals working with the company. This allows you to connect and communicate with them directly. Here is why LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business prospecting.

  • Gives you specific contacts at Netent who will handle your requests
  • It's professional
  • Gives you deeper insights into the operations of the company

This information allows you to fine-tune your message to be as clear as possible and easy to understand. You also get a sneak peek of the company talent and gauge its ability to perform in the near future. This is important especially if you want to invest in Netent.

Final Thought on Contacting Netent for Business

Communicating with Netent for business is easy. However, it will save you tones of time if you do thorough research beforehand on what you want to communicate with the company about. The good news is that the company has posted a lot of information on its website.

There are also dedicated email addresses for various departments such as investment, affiliates and sales. Social media channels also provide easy opportunities to contact the company about its products. You can use LinkedIn to connect with specific executives of the company to help you close your deal faster.